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First, some quick facts about one of the most popular Networks we install

  • Scalable network solutions to meet the needs of any size home, business or organization

  • Streamlined network management through centralized software

  • Robust security features to protect against cyber threats

  • Multiple access points for seamless wireless connectivity throughout a building or campus

  • Reliable network performance with minimal downtime or interruptions

  • Flexibility to customize and configure network settings to meet specific requirements

  • Easy integration with existing IT infrastructure

  • Advanced analytics and reporting features for network monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities to prioritize network traffic and optimize performance

  • Energy-efficient design to minimize power consumption and reduce operating costs

  • Comprehensive support and maintenance services for ongoing network management and optimization.

Just 6 Steps

Step 1


Assessment of the current state of your network situation at home or your business.

Step 4


Before we install your new gear, everything we can will be configured before hand, so we ensure you can use your new gear right away.

Step 2


With all the information we gathered during the assessment, we will consult with you to get the best idea of what you are looking for. (e.g. value or performance)

Step 5


Installation of your new gear.

We will either install our new system right away, or in case your have an old system, we will replace it with our new one.

Step 3


Planning the location of your rack.

We use a special network planning tool to ensure we find the best place to put in your new gear. It also helps simplifying cable runs etc.


Final Checkup

We will check all the new gear & make sure everything is running smoothly.

Unifying Wi-Fi, Network & Camera Surveillance

The Ubiquiti UniFi series of products make it extremely simple to get Wi-Fi, Network & Camera systems under one hat. They provide a simple to use platform to manage all of your devices.


Besides UniFi, we also provide a big portfolio of other gear, so we ensure you get the best that suits your needs.

Contact us today, so we can find the right solution for you.

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